Comment Policy

This policy was last updated March 2019, and are subject to revision.

  1. Comments are moderated and subject to approval or non-approval for posting.
  2. No bigotry. I am doing my best to make this space open to various people and inclusive of their identities. If I deem your comment bigoted, offensive, or an attack on someone else, I will not approve the comment.
  3. Disagreement is fine – yay for nuance and conversation! Attacks, especially personal ones, are not. Again, comments are moderated.
  4. Don’t ablesplain – an example would be trying to explain to me how my disabilities work. There is a lot you probably do not know about the way I or others work, even though I share things about myself – and Autistic people, people with my mental health diagnoses, etc. aren’t all the same.
  5. Please don’t try to advertise your products or promote them as things I should add to my resource lists, especially if it’s gimmicky or a clear sales-type pitch. I will not approve these comments.