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This resource collection in progress is mostly autism-specific. I collected some of the links as early as 2013-2014, when I first got into disability rights. My views may have changed, or the links may have broken.

Finding What You Need

The resource list is twenty pages long, but there is a table of contents with sections you can click on. If you’re looking for something specific, it should be easier to find with the table of contents. I tried to make sure the links in sections related to each other.

Table of Contents

Page last updated January 25, 2017.

Being Autistic and Autistic Culture

New to Autistic Community

Part One: Pros/Cons of Formal Diagnosis, and How-To

Part Two: Links for if You Are Feeling Weird About Being Autistic

  • Welcome to the Autistic Community (Tumblr blog, not affiliated with ASAN’s publication – a place for newcomers to the community ask questions without being criticized by the mods for asking)

Part Three: Primer on Autistic Community and Culture

Sensory Processing

Some Blogs, Organizations, and People I Like (Mostly autistic or disabled bloggers, but not all. This is just a sample!)

For Allies

For Non-Autistic Parents and Caregivers of Autistic People

For Non-Autistic Professionals (non-caregiver), Employers, and Educators

Planning Autistic Friendly and Accessible Events

For Non-Autistic People Who Want to be Allies (general information not directed at specific groups like parents, professionals, and educators)

Representation and Misrepresentation (there are many more links I need to add)

Getting Through the World

Part One: In Education

Part Two: Executive Dysfunction

Part Three: Events, Gatherings, and Holidays

Part Four: Coping with or Avoiding Sensory Overloads, Shutdowns, and Meltdowns

Part Five: Friendships, Relationships, and Dating

Part Six: Transitioning to Adulthood, Healthcare, Volunteer Work, and Employment

Part Seven: Dealing With and Responding to Ableism and Autism Awareness

Part Eight: Cooking

Part Nine: Scripts, Other Helpful Websites

Part Ten: Things I Couldn’t Fit in Parts 1-9

Intersectionality (non-exhaustive list)

Disability and the Arts (Zines, submissions-based sites and blogs, literary magazines, art magazines


  • Loving Lampposts
  • Wretches and Jabberers
  • Who Cares About Kelsey?
  • Citizen Autistic
  • Unspoken
  • Vectors of Autism
  • Life, Animated
  • Best and Most Beautiful Things

Some Disability Twitter Hashtags

  • NoModernAsylum
  • TheAbleistScript
  • IwishICouldveToldYou
  • TheCostofPassing
  • JustSayDisability
  • TheAcceptanceScript
  • FreeNeli
  • JusticeForKayleb
  • TravelingAbleism
  • SexandDisability
  • DisabilityTooWhite
  • AbleismExists
  • MeBeforeAbleism
  • CripTheVote
  • SaveTheACA
  • AutisticWhileBlack
  • IAmAPreExistingCondition

Autistic and Other Disability History

Some of our Autistic History 

General Disability News and History (note: some of the institutional history listed here is defined as history because the institution has since closed, not because institutions are gone)

Ableism (non-exhaustive list)

Part One: Murder, Filicide, Abuse, and Neglect

Part Two: In Education

Part Three: In Healthcare

Part Four: Law Enforcement, Incarceration, and the Legal System

Part Five: In Employment 

Part Six: Autism Speaks

Ableism, Part Seven: Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC)

Ableism, Part Eight: Non-JRC Institutions

Ableism, Part Nine: Applied Behavioral Analysis and Other Cure Culture

Ableism, Part Ten: Ableism that Didn’t Fit Into Parts 1-9

Non-Murder Death and Suicide in the Autistic Community

Web Accessibility

Other Resource Lists

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