The Writer

I’m Kit Mead. I am a queer, non-binary trans, and Autistic disability rights activist with multiple mental health disabilities. I am also working on getting a diagnosis related to chronic physical conditions.

Check out the publications page for my published essays and guest blog posts. I also have a few different social media profiles/pages for advocacy.

I work and volunteer as a disability rights advocate. Posts, published essays, and published guest blog posts my own; they do not represent any organization I volunteer or work with.

The Blog

This is a blog about mental health, autism and disability, ableism, prejudice, LGBTQ+ stuff, and more, including intersections thereof.

It contains resource pages with collections of websites, articles, blog posts, and more on many topics. These topics are autism, mental health, chronic illness and pain, eugenics history, post-election information and actions, and ethical activism.

I also have a variety of ongoing blogs and websites. These blogs and websites include a review site for psychiatric facilities and programs, a blog for Autistic History Month in November, and a place for autistic people to informally submit poetry.

Lastly, I also have links to several projects I have completed, like the slides and notes from a presentation I gave on autism and mental health.

Contact information

I have a contact form under the page “Contact Kit.”

More about the blog 

What about non-advocacy stuff…?

In my non-advocacy life, I have one cat, Denine, whom I acquired in January 2016. I am also a poet and artist.


Here’s my cat, along with pictures of me too.

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