Autism Acceptance Month Resources

Will be updated as I find more information. This list includes things for both autistic and non-autistic people to do, and things to avoid. Naturally these things can be done outside of April as well. Got suggestions? Send them my way!

Last updated March 11, 2017

Things to do during April that support the Autistic community


Support the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), an autistic-run nonprofit that does a lot of policy work 

Support Autism Women’s Network (AWN), an autistic-run nonprofit dedicated to providing community and resources to Autistic women and girls.

Other Groups and Stuff to Support

  • NOS Magazine, an autistic-run magazine for neurodiversity culture and representation
  • Autistic Families International, an autistic-run group whose vision “is a world where autistic people and our families are accepted, valued and included.”

Check out the Autism Acceptance Month Website (run by ASAN)

The #RedInstead Campaign instead of Light it up Blue

Follow the Autism Acceptance Day page started by Paula Durbin-Westby

Do some Reading on Autism Acceptance and Autistic Culture (these are just a few links out of many)

Things to avoid in April during Autism Acceptance Month

Avoid Autism Speaks and Lighting it Up Blue, and organizations with a focus on cure, prevention, etc.

Avoid Posting Personal Details about your Autistic Relatives Online (links are explanations)