Blogs and Websites

  • Psych Ward Reviewswebsite with reviews of psychiatric facilities and programs by psych patients, news articles on hospitals, and upcoming policy materials. 
  • Autistic History Montha place for autistic history, submissions from September 1-November 29 each year; submissions posted during the month of November.
  • History and Present Perils of Eugenics: for sharing links on the history of the eugenics movement, its victims, and its modern forms. Also covers other disability history. 
  • Welcome to the Autistic Community (co-mod): A place for people who are new to the autistic community to safely ask questions as well as get resources and lifehacks. 
  • Autistic Poetry: submissions of poetry written by autistic people along with reblogs of such poetry. Not a literary journal. 
  • Pagination Poetry: My personal poetry blog